Monday, January 26, 2009

Parenting 400

I'd say we're probably to the 400 level of our parenting. We're definitely beyond 101. And I think once we hit the teen years (in 2 months) we'll move on to graduate school, then later our PhD. That's assuming we complete our undergrad!!

Last Friday, Cassidy wanted to go to the Skating Rink for a teen dance. We agreed to let him go. I would drop him 0ff, and Dana would pick him up at midnight. (Wait a minute! Did I let my almost 13-year-old stay out until midnight?) When we were just a few blocks from the rink, my conversation with him went a little something like this:

Me: I know I don't have to tell you this, but I have to tell you this. Behave yourself and do what you're told.
Cassidy: I know.
Me: I know you know, but I still have to tell you these things. Just make sure you do what you're supposed to.
Cassidy: I will, Mom.

And before dropping him off 30 seconds later. . .
Me: Have fun and be good. You have your phone don't you?
[Rhetorical question.]
Cassidy: Yes, Mom.
Me: Call us if you need anything.
Cassidy: K

Last night, Katie and I were on the computer looking up how to pierce the ears of her American Girl Dolls. (FYI. You have to send them to the "hospital".) She hears the TV from the other room and says "Meth commercial." What a sorry state of the world when a 7-year-old recognizes the sound of a meth commercial. I guess that's good because she looks at me with wide eyes and says, "I'll never do meth." And I said "You better not!" A few minutes later we were back in the living room and it came up again. I told them both that they had better never use Meth or any other drug. Cassidy was ignoring me, so I got his attention and repeated myself. He says, "I know, Mom."

I remember telling my mom one time that when you raise a child, you teach them the best you can, and they eventually get to an age where they're on their own and you hope you've taught them the right things. I'm pretty sure I told her that before I had kids of my own, but I still believe it. That's why my kids constantly hear these mini lectures from me. When Cassidy was little, I would tell him not to smoke cigarettes and then ask him why. He would say "Because it makes those things that you breathe with black." Scare tactic? Maybe. But hopefully when someone offers him a cigarette (if they haven't already) he'll remember that and decide for himself that it's not a good idea.

Hopefully. . .

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