Monday, January 12, 2009

I feel naked!!

Yesterday, we were cleaning like mad because Dana is done with all the drywall in the hall and Cassidy's room. Hey, I just realized that when this project is done, that whole end of the house will have been remodeled. That's pretty exciting!

Anyway, since I was in so much dust and cleaning supplies, I was washing my hands alot and putting on lotion. So I took off my engagement ring so it didn't get filled with lotion. I forgot to put it on last night before bed, and again this morning. I feel really weird without it.

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Janice said...

I was like that at my last job. Couldnt wear any jewlery at all in the plant. I started putting my ring on every day I got home, but ended up only putting it on for the weekend...and I would forget then sometimes too. After 2 years of not wearing it, I would still feel naked without it on.