Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

Get out your Birkenstocks, patchouli and long skirts. . . The Grateful Dead are going on tour this summer!!

And they will be in Chicago on May 5. And you can bet the Dixon's will be there!!

Jerry and Pigpen may be dead, but The Dead live on. The rest of the guys are getting together this summer for a 19 city tour. And luckily one of those cities happens to be Chicago. It will be one of their last shows with the tour ending at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. If I could, that would be the show we would go to. We saw The Dead there. . . probably in '94.

What a long strange trip is certainly has been. From my pseudo-hippie days in California, to my shoe loving present, it has been strange and great. We've done so much in our lives, living in California surely changed us. You just don't know what life is like in California until you've lived there. We were friends with some truly old hippies and they were the most sincere people I've ever met. They truly would have given you the shirts off their backs.

We were even in attendance at the Jerry Garcia Memorial they had in Golden Gate Park in 1995 -- I was pregnant with Cassidy. Can you believe we had the camera, but no film??!! It was unforgettable. We went down to Haight Ashbury afterwards and there were hippies all over just kind of milling around. Everyone seemed to be in a fog, and I don't think it was drug induced. Can you believe there is a "Ben & Jerry's" on the corner of Haight and Ashbury? At least there was 13 years ago.


Kerri said...

It's kind of weird Amy.. We never talked a lot at Heatcraft..
And now I'm kind of wondering if it wasn't because we were too much alike..

Not because I like the Dead.. They're okay.. I prolly wouldn't pay to go see them..
But more because, I don't think either one of us is what everyone else expects us to be..

That being said, I find it very difficult to picture you hanging out with hippies, listening to the Grateful Dead..
When I get an image of headbands, tie-dye shirts and a smoke filled room, you're not in it...
But you go girl.. Have a blast, bring me back one of those shirts..

Amy said...

Yeah, this is a little weird with us, isn't it. Yep, I had the long skirts, long hair, and Birkenstocks. Now I have more stilettos in my closet than anything else!!

Janice said...

You had to put film in a camera? Whats that?

(just kidding...I have a camera with film still in it from highschool I think.....can I still get that developed?)

Kerri said...

When I moved into this house in 2004, I found 21 rolls of undeveloped film..
I still have taken care of that.. And I've added 4 disposable cameras..
It will take my entire severence to pay for all of them..

Kerri said...

I meant "HAVEN'T" taken care of that..