Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mild Freak-out!!

Last night before going to bed, I decided to put some lotion on my hands. I climbed into bed, took off my engagement ring (carefully laying it on the covers) and put on some lotion. Meanwhile, Dana came to bed. As I said yesterday, his hands are really dry from working in Cassidy's room, so I knew he'd want some lotion for his hands. After he was done, I put the lotion on my night stand and off to dreamland we went.

The alarm went off at 4:20 a.m. this morning, and it was a little hot in our room. I threw off some covers to cool off. I eventually rolled out of bed to get dressed to exercise. While in the bathroom however, I noticed the absence of my engagement ring. OH, MY GOD!!!! What did I do with it last night? That's right! I carefully placed it on the covers right in front of me so I could put it back on after applying my lotion. BUT I DIDN'T PUT IT BACK ON!!

I casually returned to our room where Dana was getting dressed. I DON'T SEE IT ANYWHERE! AND I THREW OFF THE COVERS THIS MORNING BEFORE GETTING UP. OH, GOD, WHERE CAN IT BE! Dana finally went downstairs and I frantically started looking for it. I just kept remembering the Christmas that I lost my diamond pendant necklace. . . .

--Graduation Day 1989--
When I was in High School, it was all the rage for boys to buy their girlfriends "promise" rings. Dana didn't buy me one, but he did buy me this little diamond pendant. It was small, but he told me that it was his promise that he would someday marry me. It meant the world to me. After all, I was only 18 years old and had thought I'd met the man I would marry. (Turns out I did.)

-- Christmas 1997--
It's 1997 and I still wear that little diamond necklace Dana gave me in High School. It's also Christmas Eve and it's the last time I'll ever wear it. Mom had gotten me a necklace for Christmas. I decided to try it on. So I took off Dana's necklace and carefully placed it in the box that the new necklace came in. Later that night, everything got shoved in bags and taken home with us. A few weeks later, I'm getting ready for work and was looking for my necklace. I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE! WHERE ON EARTH COULD IT BE? I finally came to the realization that I must have thrown it away when I was cleaning up all the boxes and bags from Christmas. I don't know what else could have happened to it.

--4:30 a.m. January 13, 2009--
All of these memories are flashing through my head in a matter of milliseconds and I'm getting more and more terrified that I can't find my ring. I pick up the blanket that's on our bed and feverishly shake it waiting to hear my ring hit the wood floor. I don't see or hear anything. I turn back to the bed, and there it is. PHEW!!! Heart rate is back to normal. . . I go downstairs and exercise.

I'm never taking off my engagement ring again!

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Kerri said...

You're having some major engagement ring issues woman..

I recommend super glueing (sp?) it to your finger..

I have two wedding sets from my first marriage (maybe my only marriage). We were engaged and split up.. When we got back together, I told him the first set didn't work and I wanted a new one.
Apparently that set didn't work either.. We divorced 3.5 years later(together for 13).. I did it so backwards.
Baby, school, marriage, another baby..