Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amio Andretti

That's what Dana calls me from time to time. He thinks I drive like a race car driver. But I don't. Not usually anyway. I guess I'm just a little aggressive.

I set my cruise control to about 62 mph. And I cruise at that speed. If I get behind you and you're only going 60 or 61, I don't slow down. I will get around you (quickly) and then go back to cruising speed.

Then there are the people that drive below the speed limit. It's one thing to drive 55, and yes, that bugs me, too. But under 55? Now, there's just no call for that. But do you know what really irritates me? The person behind them that won't pass. That one car that rides their bumper but won't ever make their move. Being fourth or fifth in line is very frustrating (for me) because you are really taking a chance to pass that many cars. Every night this week I've been in this situation while driving home.

It makes me crazy!!

Err, uh. . . crazier . . .

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