Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Doritos - With the crystal ball. Pretty good.

Coke - The bugs stealing the guys coke. That was cute. The Coke Zero commercial that was a re-make of the Mean Joe Green commercial. At first I was upset. That commercial is iconic, how can you re-make it?? But it was funny.

Pepsi - With Wil. I. Am and Bob Dylan. Considering it was Pepsi, I liked it.

Career Builder - You might need a new job (or something to that effect). Ha Ha. That used to be me. Screaming in the car, crying, wanting to punch something, although not small animals.

Dana's mad that the Cardinals lost.


Kerri said...

did you have 3-D glasses..
We had all gotten them.. But were very disappointed..
I think at the very beginning of the whole 3D thing, a cartoon guy was playing paddle ball.. It sorta looked the paddle ball was coming at me.. But not really..
and that was the ONLY thing that even kind of looked 3D to any of us..
Doesn't seem to have improved much since the 80's.

Amy said...

We had some 3D glasses from the big 3D Hannah Montana concert that we tried. Yeah, things haven't improved much, have they?

Kerri said...

I think the inventor of the glasses probably enjoys the idea that millions of Americans are sitting on their couches wearing them, looking goofy.