Friday, February 27, 2009

How I met Your Father

Today is the 21st Anniversary of mine and Dana's first date - a blind date. So, for those of you that don't know it, here's the story.

It was a Saturday night, the day following Dana's last career high school basketball game. My friend and I had listened to it on the radio hoping they would lose. Dana constantly reminds me of that and claims it to be my fault that they lost. If I hadn't wished them to lose. . . well, if they won, that meant I wouldn't meet him, and even though I didn't know anything about him and hadn't seen a picture of him, I still wanted to meet him.

So, how did a girl from Williamsport, Indiana end up on a blind date with a guy from Hoopeston, Illinois? My friend Katrina's dad worked at a grain elevator in Hoopeston and he hooked up Katrina with the son of a woman he worked with. So Katrina and Casey started dating and they hooked up Dana and I. (We see Casey's mom on occassion and I think she's proud that she had a part in our meeting. She sometimes reminds us of this. )

Dana met another friend of Katrina's about a week before meeting me. He didn't like her at all. (I didn't much care for her either.) Legend has it that Dana looked through Katrina's yearbook and picked me out. REALLY?!

We met at a Seeger Basketball game. He claims love at first sight. So he and his friend watched our basketball team play, while I cheered. No pressure there! We then went to Pizza Hut in Attica and ended the evening watching a movie at Katrina's - Ernest Goes to Camp. Dana thought it was hilarious! I still remember him slapping his knee and laughing.

So here we are 21 years later drinking wine, blogging and watching our (his) DVR'd version of Heli-Loggers. It's been a great 21 years, and I can't wait for the next 21!!


Kerri said...

21.. wow.. congrats..
Very impressive in this day and age..
Keep it up. And write a "how-to" manual.

Janice said...

I Played b-ball and v-ball at Seegar in highschool!!! I have been to the location of where it all started!! :)

Amy said...

Kerri,I would quote Kevin Bacon on how to have a successful marriage, but my Mom and Mother-in-law read this blog, and I don't want to embarass myself or them. ;-)
(That probably embarassed them!)

Janice, Did you actually play at Seeger High School? Probably so. Our boys basketball games were held at the Williamsport Elementary school. It was always my understanding that it was an agreement between the schools when they consolidated the schools in the late 60s.

Why were you playing b-ball and v-ball at Seeger? Where did you go to High School?

Janice said...

Amy, I went to West Side (West Lafayette High School). I played during the reign of Stephanie girls played in the gym there at the school.