Saturday, February 28, 2009

He's following me

Hey Bobby X!!! Wassup, man?

Bobby X was an Engineering Co-op at Heatcraft, and I just noticed today that he's a "Follower." (Sorry, I don't know when you showed up.) Anyway, a little story about the "X". Correct me if I'm wrong, Bobby, but when you started at Heatcraft, IT needed a middle initial to set up your account, and since you didn't have one, they assigned you with an "X".

And so Bobby X was born.

Welcome to the not-so-exciting world of Amy's Random Thoughts!

(Katie just read the last line, smacked me on the shoulder and said "Hey! That's a good one, Mom.)


Kerri said...

He's following me too..
I don't mind..
The problem is.. I'm following him, and he only posts twice a year..

Come on Bobby X.. We know you have more to say than that.

Bobby X. said...

I have plenty to say. I will try to post more often.