Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Intentions

I always have such good intentions. I didn't buy as many Christmas cards this year because we're trying to "go green". I was going to make an e-card to send to everyone or at the very least, put something on my blog Christmas morning. I did neither. So if you were one of the few that got an actual card from the Dixon's, consider yourself lucky. . . I guess.

Am I getting bored with my blog? No, just not as much time in the day as I'd like. The house is still in disarray because of Cassidy's room. But we're very close to getting it done. I say "we" like I've been doing something in there. Dana's done all of it. He didn't even ask me to help him paint! I think of things all the time and say "Hey, I should put that on my blog." Again with the good intentions.

I took the kids shopping this weekend. They are both in need of new jeans. Katie found a pair at Limited, too that were more than I wanted to spend. But since she has 2 pair at home that she refuses to wear, I suppose it's worth it to spend more money on them and have her actually wear them. It just means I'm doing laundry more often than I'd like.

As for Cassidy, I've determined that he needs a size 26 x 30. Guess what!?!?! They don't make them. At least not that I could find. I told him he needs to put on 50 pounds! It would be easier to buy for him! He's currently in a boys size 16, and I couldn't find any 18 Slims. So I started looking in Men's sizes. American Eagle has 26 waist, but the longest length is 28. Not nearly long enough for him.

So Katie came home with a new pair of jeans and 2 shirts. Cassidy came home with a new Wii game that he bought with his Christmas money.

. . . good intentions. . .

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