Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Voicemail. . . in today's society, is there really a need for it anymore? I suppose for work there is. But on my cell phone. . . no. Don't leave me a voicemail on my cell that says "call me." I mean really, I'll see that I had a missed call, that it was you, and I'll call you back. Do you really want me to waste my time going to the trouble to retrieve a voicemail that says "call me"? I think not. In the time it takes me to do that, I could be talking to you.

I even changed my voicemail message on my cell once to say "Don't leave me a message. I'll call you back." My mom thought it was short and rude, so I changed it to "leave me a message".

Even for work I question it's validity. I got a voicemail today that said, "I'll send you an e-mail." And what did the e-mail say? "Call me."

NOTE: I don't want any wise guys [you know who you are, Bob] calling me and leaving me voicemails.


Janice said...

I'll do my best to keep him off the phone.

Kerri said...

I was going somewhere with my mom once.. She was driving.. I don't remember where and it doesn't matter..
She asked me check her voicemail for her..
She had six messages.. Five of the six started with "Hi Bev, it's me"..
Who is "me"..
So.. If you insist on leaving a message (I'm with Amy on this), please don't say "it's me".. I know lots of "me's"..