Thursday, December 11, 2008

Truly Random

Here are some of the things I think about.

What ever happened to the caboose at the end of the train? I remember waiting for the caboose when we were kids. We were always so excited when it finally came. I guess like so many other things, we don't need them anymore.

Another use for my phone: Flashlight

ipods rock. In more ways than one. How do they get such fantastic sound out of such a little thing? We have a shuffle which is the small one you can clip to your jacket or whatever. I was listening to it on the way to work yesterday (probably not safe) and heard things in songs I'd never heard before. It was really cool at the end of "S.O.S." when one Jo Bro sang "call I"ll never get" in both ears, a second Jo Bro said it in my left ear, and then the third Jo Bro in my right ear. Followed by the faint sound of breaking glass. It was cool!!

And. . . an ipod is like your own personal soundtrack. I was still listening when I walked into the office yesterday, and it blocked out all other noise - the click clacking of my heels on the pavement, cars driving by - It was cool!!

Tech Savvy - The older Cassidy gets the older I feel. He downloaded a ringtone for my phone for me - Wham's "This Christmas" - then Bluetoothed it to me. He knows just about EVERY detail of his new phone.

Shrek in Duloc - Remember when Shrek went to Duloc to talk to the king who sent all the fairy tale creatures to his swamp. . . and he meets the character with the giant head at the gates of Duloc and he runs through the ropes to get into Duloc? I felt that that guy today at Wendy's. No one was in line but I had to go through the maze. I just don't have the big head.

PHEW!! That was fun!


Kerri said...

dang woman..
You wore me out..

You win the random award.

Amy said...

Oh, you have no idea the thoughts that pop in and out of my head.

Janice said...

I use my flashlight...I mean cell phone like that too!!!

(Also. Sign onto You can put this tracker on your sightt and it gathers information to tell you who visits your page, how long, where they came from, etc. I remember to check it about once a month.....)