Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Super Tan & Those Darn Kids

Well, I don't have a Super Tan by all standards, but for one visit to the video store/tanning "salon", I'm pretty dark. I was getting pale again, and decided I'd go a few times to get a little color. I had gone 3 times and quickly worked up to the full 20 minute session. When I went on Wednesday, there was a sign stating that new bulbs were put in that day. I looked at that and said "Dixon, don't go the whole 20 minutes." But of course, I did. I got a little burned and started feeling it just a few hours later. On Friday morning I noticed a distinct line down the side of my body. I'm sure your back side gets darker than your front because it is directly on the glass. I even met a friend for lunch Friday and she asked me if I was going to Mexico again! I WISH!!

Cassidy's first school dance is coming up in a few weeks. It was originally scheduled for yesterday, but was postponed 2 weeks due to the High School Play. (He even felt the need to text me this information during school.) Anyway, he's asked a girl to the dance. We talked about it for a few minutes, then I realized, "Hey!! That's a date!" His response? "Yeah, Mom. Nowadays. . . " Nowadays? What? Was I born in the stone age?? I realized at that moment that I'm old, at least by his standards. I'm only 37 and while I'll admit sometimes I do feel really old, most times I don't feel it's possible for me to have a 12-year old that's interested in girls.

HALLOWEEN UPDATE: Katie went to Grandma and Grandpa Dixon's house. We went to town with a list of a few houses to go to. Ended up only going to one and coming home. How soon until she grows out of this?


Bob said...

School dance - You and Dana need to go chaperone one and then post the details. I'm sure that won't emberace Cassidy - His mom blogging about his first school dance.

Anonymous said...

Tanning bed?

By the way, cool blog.
- Bill