Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kids on Leashes

I've never understood a parent that puts their child on a leash. I haven't seen one in a while, but witnesssed one today in Danville. A big red leash tied around his waist. I just thought it was terrible.

The extra credit Kleenex are worth 10 points each! So for a mere $4, Cassidy is going to earn an extra 30 points. . . . for doing absolutely nothing. He didn't even have to go to the store. Janice, you're right, if you're stupid and you're poor, you're screwed.

She's standing here as I type this, and I think she wants to see her name in lights. She's wearing her new holiday dress that Grandma Dixon bought her today. AND she got 100% on her spelling test yesterday! Her teacher thought the "a" in wash was an "o". Katie quickly pointed this out and her teacher changed her grade. (At least she didn't have to buy kleenex.)

This picure was taken with my phone. Not too bad, huh?

And one last thing. The Masonic lodge had a breakfast today and Cassidy and I went to it. As we were waiting on our breakfast, my High School band director, Mr. Peterson, walked in. He ended up sitting right next to Cassidy. I eventually asked him if he was George Peterson. He said he was. I said "Well, it's been about 20 years. . . " and he pointed at me and said "Amy?" So we chatted for a few minutes until his breakfast arrived. I was pretty impressed that not only did he recognize me, but even remembered who I was. I'm happy that I haven't changed that much in almost 20 years.

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Kerri said...

Hey Amy..
I'm boycotting Sears because they were playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, and your kids already have their Holiday apparel?
Just kidding. I have one of my Christmas Trees up already..
Katie looks very pretty in her dress.