Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Years ago, I was watching that painting show with Bob Ross. You know, the guy with the afro and happy litle trees and clouds. He made what I thought was a beautiful painting. However, before starting, he put the outline of two squares on the canvas with masking tape.  He then painted his mountain scene. I had almost forgotten about the masking tape until he ripped it from the canvas. Now we have painting with two white squares. I thought he had ruined it. Bob, obviously, did not.

Cassidy is in the advanced art class at school. He was so looking forward to the new year and this class in particular. I haven't seen much of what he's done and am really looking forward to the art show this spring. The painting and story below is part of the reason why.

However, his grade is going to suffer because of this painting.

Cassidy went to his teacher yesterday and told her he was done with his project. She looked at it and explained that the assignment was to make a paint splatter, then paint a picture on top of it. He went back to his piece to complete it as assigned. He said he sat and looked at it for a really long time and decided it was done. He said there was no way he could do anything more to it. It was perfect that way it was. He knew that if he put anything else on it, he would ruin it and be mad at himself. So he went back to his teacher and told her he couldn't add anything more to it. She told him that because he didn't complete the assignment, his grade would suffer. He said that was OK.

And I'm OK with that, too. As a matter of fact, I'm damn proud of him for standing up for his artistry. I think it is an awesome paiting and can't wait to put it on the wall!

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