Friday, February 12, 2010

"Was that my mom?"

OK, so sometimes I turn into that crazy soccer mom. But only on occassion. Well, I had just an occassion last week.

Cassidy was playing his second indoor soccer game of the day last Saturday after having lost their first. They were playing WAY better, but the other team was very hands on, if you know what I mean. A fair amount of pushing that we, of course, thought should be called. (I often wonder if our team does the same and we just don't see it.) The ref finally made a pushing call against the other team. The mom of our player that was pushed jumped up in anticipation (she was going to yell!) and when the call was made, she said "It's about time." The smart-ass kid on the other team (the pusher) looks up at us, shrugs, and says "Hey, that's soccer." And I said "Clearly, it's not since he called you on it."

I know, I shouldn't do that, and if you know me very well, sometimes (ok, maybe a lot) I speak without thinking. But he was such a jerk about it, I had to say something!

So, our team gets the ball and they all get ready for the shot. The other team lines up between our player and the goal to try and stop the shot. Elijah (I think) shoots and scores. It was beautiful!!!!

And what do I do? I yell

"Now, that's soccer!"

On the way home we were talking about it and Cassidy said "That was you? I heard that and thought 'Was that my mom?' I couldn't figure out why you would say that."

Well, now you know.

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Janice said...

How embarassing! :)

(And yes, I did make the brownies and eat them. I also licked off the pacifier before running it under water to clean it out)