Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, Ladies and Gentleman, it's a new year. Let's hope good things come from this year. The first bit of good news I received a few weeks ago was that our wage reduction that was implemented last year will gradually be brought back this year. 25% each quarter. It's not a lot and I probably won't even notice it on my first check, but it is progress. Provided things go well, our full salary from 2008 will be re-instated. Yay. . . it's 2010.

Which actaully brings me to my purpose for this post. How are you pronouncing the new year? Two thousand ten, or Twenty ten. I've been saying two thousand ten, but they were debating it on the radio today, and it got me thinking. Sure, in 1999 we didn't say nineteen hundred nintey-nine (except maybe on wedding invitations), or one thousand nine hundred ninety nine, but we also didn't say twenty oh nine last year. (Except for Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning.) It just makes more sense to me to say two thousand ten.

How are you pronouncing our new year?

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