Monday, October 12, 2009

"Now that's soccer!"

We had a busy weekend last week. Soccer in Danville at 11:15, then in Arcola at 4:00. That didn't leave us enough time to go home, so we went to Champaign for lunch then on to Arcola. Cassidy's DSA team won their DSA game 7-0. It's amazing how excited I still get when one of them scores when we're winning big. I think it's because there are so few goals scored it soccer that it's always exciting to see one of them score. Oh yeah, and Cassidy was one of them!!

The Arcola game (Hoopeston FC - traveling) had an interesting start. The Arcola team was young and most of their players looked more Katie's age then Cassidy's. They start out dribbling down the field right past one of our players, right past Cassidy and a quick, light kick, and right over the head of our goalie and into the net. We were all shocked!! Although this isn't even the most interesting part of this game.

Cassidy was goalie the second half!! Dana and I were nervous wrecks. Cassidy has never played in a game as goalie. He has in practice, but I don't think ever very seriously. Long story short, 5 shots were made on him. Two were bad shots, he stopped two and one got by him. We were pretty proud of him!

Sunday HFC played in Mt. Zion. This is the same team that beat the crap out of us in the Spring and is currently undefeated - - I mean WAS undefeated. We really thought it was going to be a tough game. However, our team really pulled together and played an awesome game. The score kept going back and forth, one for us, one for them. (I think at one point, Mt. Zion might have been up by 2.) Final score: HFC - 8, Mt. Zion - 5. Although Cassidy didn't score, they all played one hell of a game. It was really exciting to watch, and even better to see them beat an undefeated team. Especially when we have so many younger boys on our team. Needless to say, the Mt. Zion coach wasn't too happy and neither were some of the parents.

I have to admit, I love being a soccer mom!

One more thing: Turns out Cassidy volunteered to be goalie at the Arcola game. And now he thinks he might like being a back-up goalie!

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