Friday, October 2, 2009

Just some things that are on my mind

Yes, I know I've been ignoring my blog. Well, not really. I guess my little random thoughts seem to be appearing on Facebook instead of here. I know I used to not understand FB, but now I'm a junkie. I'm hooked on facecrack!!!!

Roman Polanski - Why is the hell is Hollywood defending this ass-hole!?!?!? HE RAPED A 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL!! I don't care if it was 30 years ago, that's inexcusable no matter who you are!

High Fashion - Found this on Yahoo! "A model presents a creation by Spanish designer Amai Rodriguez during the Madrid Cibeles Fashion week."

You know I'm all about fashion, but really, what is this? Is this designer serious or joking? I bet she's glad she's got that big ol' top hat pulled down over her face.

Rocky the Rooster - Our rooster is not doing very well. From what could deduce from the Internet, we think he is suffering from "head bonk". (A highly technical term, obviously.) This is when a chicken suffers a neck injury from flying into something, like perhaps a barn wall. He's not looking too good. He's got his head all crooked around and almost has it upside down. Dana finally had to make a little pen for him because the chickens were pecking at him. (Were the making fun of him?) His tail feathers look bad and you can tell he's lost weight. Katie stood out there last weekend with him and cried her little eyes out. I think we'll all be upset if he doesn't pull through. HOWEVER, Dana said he heard him crowing this morning. I'm hoping that is a good sign. Come on, Rocky!! We're all pulling for you!

Blushing - Do you ever blush at the wrong time? I guess there's never a "right" time. I can feel my face getting hot, so I get more self-conscience about it and then I can feel it getting even hotter. It's always so embarrassing.

Jon & Kate - When in the hell are their 15 minutes over? I used to like their show, then I thought Kate was really mean to Jon and felt really sorry for him. Then this whole divorce thing, and I actually kinda felt sorry for Kate. Her tearful interview on the show. . . Now I think they're both self-serving idiots. Jon's off the show now, so of course now that he's not getting a paycheck, free trips, his teeth whitened, blah, blah, blah, he thinks his children are being exploited and wants TLC to stop taping. Here's the sign he posted. The last time I checked "penalty" only had one "e". I think those two deserve each other.


Janice said...

She looks like a badly decorated birthday cake. I hope your rooster is doing better.....that would be sad to see the crooked neck guy walking around like that. I am now wondering what inappropriate thing you blushed at?? :)

Amy said...

I guess I didn't word that right. It wasn't something that was inappropriate, just something that shouldn't make me blush. Like being at a roundtable meeting and having to speak.