Monday, April 6, 2009

Twilight Movie Round 2

I've been wanting to give Twilight another chance, so I watched it again Friday night. Perhaps my first critique was a little rash. I still feel it was a condensed version of the condensed version of the book, but it was an OK movie. I actually enjoyed it a little the second time around.

I think what I enjoyed was that I knew more about the characters. You don't get to know all of Edward's family until the subsequent books. So the eccentricities of each of them don't make much sense in the movie. But for me, it was comical to see Jasper looking nervous all the time and knowing why.

So, if you have 2 1/2 hours to kill on a Saturday night, I suppose I would recommend it. But, on the same token, if you have 2 1/2 hours to kill on a Saturday night, start reading the book. I really think you'll enjoy it.


Kerri said...

When I rented Twilight I got about a half an hour in and the DVD froze up.
I'll bet I tried a million different ways to get it going.. It finally started but only the last half an hour of it.. So I misssd the entire middle.
The very first thing I did was the next day was go to the video store to get another one, and came home to watch it..
That night, Ryleigh watched it three times..

Amy said...

So. . . did you like it????

Kerri said...

Yep. I'd watch it again..
But I'm not near the reader you are.
It's easier to put a DVD on pause.
If I get interupted while I'm reading, I may take 2 days to pick the book back up.