Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Day with Cassidy

Cassidy received a GAP gift card from Aunt Angie for his birthday. I'm glad it was a gift card and not $$ because all he ever wants to buy are video games. So this forced him to buy some clothes. We're very busy with soccer and track, but had this weekend free, so I thought we'd go spend his money. It worked out quite nicely because Katie was invited to a friends house for the day. Otherwise she would have been hounding me all day to buy her something. And the two of them would have been fighting all day!!

We dropped Katie off at her friend's house before leaving town and headed to Mahomet where Dana was working for the day. We had lunch with him and didn't actually make it to Champaign until 1:30 or 2:00. I don't like a late start to shopping.

I was on the hunt for a black skirt and a pair of jeans. Luckily, I found them both at Bergner's without much problem. That's unusual for me. Of course, I can't walk through Bergner's without going to the shoe department. I found a pair I liked, but they weren't appropriate for work, and I hate to spend $$ on shoes that I can't wear that often. I eventually tried them on and was really disappointed in how they looked on me. So I didn't buy them. But I did find a cute little Liz Claiborne wristlet that was on sale and ended up only costing me $11. It was originally marked $20. I LOVE to find bargains like that!!! It almost makes you wonder why we ever buy anything at full price.

On the way over, I asked Cassidy how his shoes were doing. He said they still fit OK, but when he showed me the sole, it was obvious that he needed a new pair. I told him we'd also look for some shoes for him today. He said he wanted some Converse. I thought that was a little strange, but asked if he wanted some Chuck Taylor's. He didn't know what those were, but ultimately that is what he wanted, he just didn't know it.

He knew exactly where to go to find them, so off we went to Journeys. They had a whole bunch of Chuck's and he finally settled on a two tone gray pair. (In this pic you can also see the hideous shoes I bought him when school started.) Once we had those taken care of, it was off to GAP to try and find him a pair of jeans.

Now my Mom will tell you how difficult this task has been. Cassidy is about 5'7" and only weighs about 100 pounds. I decided to start in the men's section because I didn't really think we would have any luck in the boys. We started with a 28x30 and they fit!!! You can't imagine how happy the two of us were. They could probably stand to be a little longer, but I know a 32 would be way too long. And they don't have 28s any longer in the store; I would have to buy them on-line. He picked out a shirt (also gray. . . to match the shoes???) and had spent all his money, and then some. He was concerned about paying me back (what a good kid) but I assured him that wasn't necessary.
All in all, I had a nice little bonding day with my son, shopping, of all things. He and I don't get much time just the two of us anymore and it was really nice.

Oh, yeah. He also ran in his first Track meet on Thursday. Came in 2nd in the hurdles!! I was so sorry to have missed it. He's also running in the 4x100 relay and the 800m. The relay, well, it didn't go so well. They were dead last. They had to substitute one of the runners, switched around their normal positions and one of them dropped the baton. He usually runs the 2nd leg, but ended up running the anchor and he really gave it his all. I was glad to see that he didn't just give up knowing they were going to get beat. He came in 6th in the 800. Dana laughed and told him he ran a good 600. He got passed by 2 runners the last 200 meters. But for his first meet ever, I thought he did a great job!

And Katie is tuckered out!

Oh, yeah, one more thing. I'm also proud to say that Cassidy and I made 6 purchases today, and did not bring home one plastic bag. I took a shopping bag with us and stuffed everything in there, or the ginormous purse that Mom bought me for my birthday. Remember, Earth Day is April 22.

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