Tuesday, April 28, 2009

That's my boy!/Good people/house plans/Mattoon soccer

Cassidy had a county track meet last weekend and placed 6 in all of his events. (That gets him 3 ribbons!) In the hurdles, he made it to the final heat and it was obvious to me (his mother) that he came in 6th. When they placed him, they put him dead last. Dana and Cassidy's coach both loudly announced "That's not right!" Cassidy proceeds over to the scorers table at the end of the line. I then see him approach one of the officials. He has his stick with "8" written on it and I see him shaking it at the official and talking to her. He goes back to the end of the line, checks in and comes back to the fence to exit the track. He was really upset because he knew he wasn't last. We told him it was OK that there was nothing we could do. Then the official that he was talking to came running over and said they had him correct. I asked "What place?" and she held up 6 fingers. I don't know if his bringing it to their attention had anything to do with it, but that's my boy!

There are still some good people in the world. At the end of the 7th grade girls 1600 m, one of the Hoopeston girls actually got lapped by a girl from Oakwood. After she finished, she waited for the Hoopeston girl and she ran along beside her for about 100 m and encouraged her. That Oakwood mom must be very proud of her little girl.

Dana and I have been planning an addition to our house for about 5 years. Remember, we only have one bathroom and it's getting to be more and more of a challenge. One of these days we'll actually be able to afford it. Anyway, we've changed our minds a hundred different times. Dana came up with a new idea this weekend and was sketching it out on paper. Katie saw this and started making her own sketches. She was showing me her design which included a "relaxing room." She said it was a place you could go to relax and not be bothered. OMG! She's a genius!!!! What a brilliant idea! I told her if we could find a spot for it, we would have one. And the rule would be that if you were in the relaxing room, no one could bother you for any reason whatsoever!

We had 2 soccer games in Mattoon Sunday afternoon. Although it was extremely windy, it was a beautiful day. We won our first game and then played Mattoon about 30 minutes later. That sucks because we had just finished and Mattoon was fresh. Additionally, we only had 1 sub, and they had 4 or 5. Before the half it started getting ugly with parents yelling. I hate it when the adults can't act like adults. On 2 different occasions, we had 2 players down and hurt. Most teams "take a knee." I don't recall any of the Mattoon players doing this. Every other team we have EVER played has ALWAYS done this. Apparently the players and parents were also laughing at our players because they were hurt. The reffing was horrible and we ended up getting beat by one goal. The team was very upset. We play them again in 2 weeks in Hoopeston. Let's hope we can pull off a win!!

I'm out of time, and this is too long to proofread. Please forgive any typos!

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