Monday, May 18, 2009

What do you do while driving?

So I'm driving to work today and Jamie is following me. I know this simply because of her vanity plates. Anyway, I notice that both of Jamie's hands are near her mouth. I think she must be eating a breakfast sandwich with both hands. No, that would be silly. Of course! The only logical explanation is that she's flossing her teeth. Yes, this woman was flossing her teeth while driving. So you know she was driving with her knee. Texting, eating, talking on the phone, disciplining your children, putting on make-up, doing your hair. . . but flossing? That's a new one.


Kerri said...

I surf the net.
Not really, but I can't add anything exciting..
I'm one of those people that hates text-driving. Even though I have a lead food, I'm a very defensive driver.
But I know for a fact that for a mere $399.00 You can buy a wifi kit for you car..
I can't wait until I pull up next to someone that is facebooking from their driver's seat.

Janice said...

You know how your mirror gets those little 'leftovers' from your flossing if you floss to close? They fly off the floss and onto your mirror>? Imagin her windshield? ewwww

Amy said...

Well, one good thing came of it. I'm not in the habit of flossing, but I did today!